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Our Values:
Caring, Coaching, Consistency, Fun and You Get What You Look For

The cornerstone of Kickstart Management was built on the mission of “Unlocking Potential to Create Opportunity”.

It is our values and belief in our mission that has allowed us to grow and carve out a unique structure in today’s competitive market. We have the privilege to work in many different industries and to highlight individuals with various capabilities in our community.

Established in 2020, Kickstart Management has grown from 40 individuals to over 100.

Our management company supports those in the hospitality industry, distribution centers, retail stores, convenience markets, boutique liquor ventures, car wash facilities, and online markets. We provide support for all aspects of business, from sourcing and vetting out ideal locations for new business ventures, to marketing, training, and structuring established businesses so that they perform at their optimal results. Centralized in Kentucky, Kickstart has grown to reach its surrounding states with aspirations to impact other areas nationally and globally.

Kickstart Management invests not only in finding and retaining the best talent in the area, but also developing those in our community.

Outreach programs are currently being developed to help teach the next wave in our workforce in how to put their best interests forward. For interest in the next program or to ask how you can help with our efforts please email us at info@ksmngt.com

Our recruiters are actively looking for individuals to join our team.

We have entry level to management positions available to those that exhibit our value and want to look for the next opportunity. If interested in joining our team, please contact us at info@ksmngt.com and attach your resume.

Kickstart Management commits fully when it comes to supporting and advancing our team.

We have our own in-house trainer and training programs to help those in our community advance to the next level in their career. We also believe in investing in technology to give our team the best advantage. Our programs help our team communicate, add structure, give accountability, autonomy and versatility that other companies cannot yet afford. Programs we utilize are: Netsuite, ClickUp, Connecteam, Everhour.